Premium trout, salmon and saltwater flies. 

Delivered monthly. Letter-box friendly.

Welcome to iFlies!


Since 2014, iFlies  has  been providing monthly fly box subscriptions to our customers in over 10 countries. Our beautiful flies are handmade by skilled craftsmen, and are carefully selected each month by the iFlies team to match the hatches and seasons. 

We offer fly boxes for trout, salmon and salt/warm water fishing. See what’s available here.

iFlies boxes make wonderful gifts which bring hapiness throughout the year. We can deliver the first box to you so you can hand the lucky recipient a physical gift, and after that the fly tins can go straight to the recipient’s address. You can also add your personalised message to make it extra special!


We recently launched our product partnership range, where we sell unique and innovative fly fishing products. We're excited to announce our first partnership with Yakoda Fly Supply, based in Colorado. Head over to our store here to check out their truly unique fly tins. 


Our fly subscriptions are letter-box friendly! We have carefully designed the packaging to fit through all letterboxes. One less thing to worry about! It also means that you don't waste money on OTT shipping fees! We ship our boxes globally at a flat rate of just over £3.

How It Works

Follow these simple instructions to sign up for one of our carefully curated fly boxes. This typically takes under 5 minutes!

Step 1

Pick a product from our range of carefully selected, mouth-watering fly tins.

Just click here to view the range. 

Step 2

Choose a payment method & schedule that works best for you.  We support payments from almost every country

Step 3

Every month, receive  an exquisite selection  of hand-made flies.

Guaranteed to excite any angler!

The perfect* gift for someone special...

Or you... 

*Up to 12 months of brownie points  available



We are delighted to hear that our customers are happy with our fly boxes. Here are a few  of our favourite reviews which we've received...

"I have used iFlies for over a year now and I’m hooked on the concept ! Great value and top customer service too. Bought a tenkara rod from them too. Just wish they’d sell 'time off' too!" - Richard, April 2018

"Purchased as a gift for my dad (12 mo) and he loves it. Thanks!" - Davis, March 2018

"I ordered these for my mother who has been fly fishing for over 40 years, with the intention of giving her a monthly reminder to improve her work/life balance. She received her first box and loved the selection, which was mostly flies she had never tried before. The quality was brilliant, and great value for money. I will up the quantity from 5 to 10 a month as soon as she retires!" - K, April 2017